Thursday, April 16, 2015

spring spring sprung

Life on Lopez lately
still taking care of extra babies. That got easier as the weather got nicer! 
Julia still adores Theo. bathtime buddies!
Glamour pose with the dinosaurs
why hello there momma dinosaur! 
and hello there pretty butterfly (we went to the pacific science center) 
Theo's new favorite look. ooo... 
Nothing like the beach in February! 
Theo is moderately pleased with the great outdoors
and he gets all gussied up to watch the oscars. 
"well hey there, pretty lady!"
"oh shoot, my chaperone showed up"
and then the great aunties showed up! we met Kathy and Deena from Maryland.  
Theo's all "meh, i've seen sand once before"
"but the garden, that's awesome!" 

also awesome: bike helmets!
and auntie Gracie making crazy sounds with grass 
more than awesome are the things i'm not supposed to climb on, like the old shower doors moonlighting as a greenhouse.  
bathtime is hilarious! 
someone is 5! 
looking fabulous for her "frozen and butterfly and brunch" birthday party

so proud of her cake!
we had a house stuffed with friends and family and good food that day 
and Richard made Julia a swing! 
And then we transitioned to an all afternoon bbq for Dave. Many pieces of meat larger than Theo were consumed!
sooo much party!
After that was family visits. auntie sandwich. 

Grandmomma Dawn sewed Julia a twirly dress. The same pattern she used for my dress when i was 5!
Chris Vass, an exchange student from Hungary who is spending the year with my parents and Olaf came along.
Julia was so thrilled to have big boys to play with her. 
all too soon it was tears at the ferry landing. 
and my life was back to babies and babies and big girls. 

We had a great easter. I squirreled away all Julia's bunny and chicken toys awhile ago and hid them all with the easter eggs. Theres still a few easter eggs she hasn't found yet! 
and Theo found one too! That's all my photos for now. Theo is on the very verge of walking so hopefully I'll have a video of that to post soon! I'm savoring the sight of him crawling now since I know it won't last long.