Sunday, July 29, 2012

T-minus 2 days

The boxes are mostly packed, and we are mostly ready! On tuesday we get the 26 foot moving truck, and on Wednesday we unload in Mosier, Oregon! Here's what we've been up to the last couple weeks.

We visited Godmother Bekah at her stand at the Bellingham Farmer's market 
Julia was a fan of the wares
We bought a pillow, she got a needle felted mushroom!  
Auntie Gracie came to town
and we visited Auntie Caroline at her new job bartending/promoting Lazy Boy Brewery 
Julia got to work with the squeejee. 
We said bye bye to Daddy and left with Aunties Gracie and Caroline for a few days camping in Mt Hood Ntnl forest. 
Frog lake was beautiful. We met up with Auntie Anna, Grandmomma Dawn, Grandpoppa Jack and Uncle Olaf for two nights. 
divvying up Grace's latest pottery  
Uncle Olaf has proved his skills at cooking Ramen over the fire. 
we celebrated Anna's birthday with a campfire-cooked cake. Came out rather well, considering!
we took off on an easy two mile hike that turned out to be more like 6 miles, straight up!

Mt Jefferson
Julia loved the hiking stick concept 
and when she got tuckered out, we fashioned a sling and she napped en route. 

and voila, Mt Hood in all it's glory. 

Good thing I stuffed another water bottle and snacks into the pack at the last minute. It took us several hours to finish the hike. 
Julia got a ride down too.
and much swimming and general enjoyment were had by all. (except when I forgot to put Julia's nighttime diaper on and woke up to much general unhappiness in the middle of the night) 
enjoying the playground on the way home.

At the beach in Everette
me and Caroline
Anna brought Julia little ear-clippies. Adorable!
Grace MUST accompany us on all future car trips. She's worth her weight in gold. 

Julia helping Caroline put Bea through her tricks. 
and then we got to go out on a boat!
Captain Matt of the USS Mosier was kind enough to take us out for a spin.
and the first mate, Caroline. 

we popped off for a bit of relaxing at Jetty Island 
and enjoyed the evening light. 
Julia hauled a basket of berries we picked earlier at a u-pick field
A couple days later we went out to Samish Island for another day at the beach. This time we dug clams,  and caught crabs! 
Bo took himself for a walk, holding the leash in his mouth.  
Julia latched on to her cousin Sierra

Sierra and her dad, John (Dave's brother) 
Brother Bob and our first crab pot of the day. We had a good haul, getting 1 to 3  big ones out of each pot. Lots of little babies had to get tossed back.  

and then we cooked them up in boiling water and I learned how to shuck a crab.  

Julia was a big fan of the boat, but a little freaked out by the crabs. 

It was a lovely time, and thus ends my pictures. Now that we are not at the beach, we have time to sit around and wonder if all our stuff is going to fit in a 26 foot truck.