Saturday, January 10, 2015

Since September

I turned 31! 
Julia started her 2nd and final year of preschool
I have spent many hours nursing my little sumo wrestler of a baby
I got to meet Hazel, a baby who grew in partial thanks to my donated breast milk!
lots of ferry commuting. at least it's pretty! 
two teeth came in, closely followed by 4 more. I am a new convert to the Amber Teething Necklace cult
one random day we met Sasquach. 
We picked pumpkins
Theo is adored by his godparents 
and by pretty much everyone. i mean really.  
Theo's a fan of Grandpa Dave
We pressed SOOOOO much cider!!
Halloween came and went, and despite being under the weather, Julia rallied for trick-or-treating

playtime and general cuteness daily
work at The Bay continues. 10 cheesecakes is just another night's work.  

Thanksgiving feasting, on the turkey we raised!
theo loves his daddy
I did the hot food concessions for the Bazaar, a fundraiser for Julia's preschool. It was an epic amount of work, but I'm so pleased to say that we made more money than ever before, in part thanks to the hot food doing very well. the photo is our hispanic moms making hundreds of tamales!
after the bazaar, the holidays kicked off! Lefse making
lefse eating!
learning to climb stairs!
julia and I got to go to one of the last performances of PNB's The Nutcracker
she was very taken with it
Theo is contemplating eating all that bread. Debbie's bread is that good! Julia and Theo both adore Debbie and Richard and the adoration goes both ways.
Case in point, Debbie and Richard invited julia over to make a gingerbread house and this was the result. note the fish, smoking in the chimney.  safe to say that Julia LOVES going to their house. 
we cut our tree from our friend Nancy's property

and decorated in our style. 
Julia had a dance recital 
we made dinosaur christmas cookies
Julia was Santa Lucia. 
The Santa Ship came!
Theo was pretty amazed by the whole thing

Julia was very deliberate in telling santa what she wanted. 
parties with friends 
attempts at a christmas photo for the still unwritten christmas letter 
then holiday travel, Grandma Gini's 

Grandpa Dave's 

back to Grandma Gini's

to Seattle
to take a train
to klamath falls
with auntie Gracie 
Auntie Anna got to meet Theo for the first time 
but Uncle Joe Joe was familiar 
Theo got his first shoulder ride from Grandpoppa Jack
and we celebrated Grace's birthday 

much feasting was had

presents, ribbons, wrappers, so much fun!
beauty salon

future Ole

Good times helping load the dishwasher! 
Then goodbyes were made and we departed to friends in Mosier. Our first time back in over a year, so it was fun to see the changes. 
we had playdates with old friends
renewing friendships 
having fun 
We made our way back to Grandpa Dave's 
and then home again, presents all the way! 
more parties, more time with friends, a new year!