Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It's been awhile with no contact, but my computer developed some mysterious symptoms that were eventually linked back to the last time I got it fixed for water damage. Just a small mountain of money later, here we are again. lots has been going on. We took a trip to Washington the week prior to Easter to visit the grandparents and a few of my family members.

digging in the sunshine at Grandpa Dave's
Julia is much less shy around Grandpa Dave then she used to be. Now she'll talk to him! We left for home a day early and didn't get to say a proper goodbye and she got mad at me that she didn't "get to hug and kiss Grandpa Dave" goodbye! 
birthday present from Uncle Olaf! 
playing "nest"
on a walk, she insisted on holding Olaf's hand. He was sweet enough to accommodate her! 
I neglected to get any photos with Grandma Gini! shame on me! It was a good visit, but it was nice to get back home too! Julia got to play with all her new birthday toys, and I did lots of yard work in the sunshine!
the iris are popping up and the hyacinth that we planted in the fall are blooming away! 
The chicken coop finally got a new coat of paint. Same color as the house trim! 
we had some lazy mornings in bed
kisses for julia!
kisses for momma!
no more kisses!!!
we've started frequenting the playgrounds again now that the weather is lovely. Whenever we are going home, Julia complains "I dont WANT to go home!"
Easter morning the Easter bunny had left some surprises out in the yard 

I had made some more easter cracking eggs this year. you save up some mostly whole egg shells for a few weeks, getting them by using a knife to crack off just enough of the tip to pour out the egg, rinse, dry, and dye when you have enough. let dry, fill with whatever, and cover the open end with a square of tissue paper glued to the edge of the shell. When they are found, you have to crack them to get the surprise! she had chocolates and some little tiny animals in her eggs. 
all fancied up for church! Julia's dress shed glitter like a fairy on steroids. we were all covered by the end of the day. 

church had another egg hunt but thankfully these were fill of change that the kids got to collect and donate to the food bank. someone was so smart when they planned that!!!

more days in the sun and some time at the beach.  

Julia got to meet some baby goats! I got to milk the momma goat! I've been invited back to do it again and perhaps become a backup for the farmer in case he needs one. I loved doing it so soon I'm going to go again! 
One day I sat down with pinterest and actually tried to make some of the hair bows I'd been pinning for awhile. Mostly successful! Julia's pleased with the new selection. 
more fun at playgroup!
Our friend Nick came to visit. He's moving to portland in the fall, so we are extra happy. Julia was a big fan. She rode on the "buffalo" for a good 40 minutes before he got tired. 

then they went for a trike ride. 

then they chased chickens and petted the ones they caught. 
then we all feasted on bbq and food and food and more food and some more food! it's good to have friends visit! 
despite my stern reprimands, Julia picks all the flowers, so we've got lots in the windows. 
I've been working hard at finishing my EMT course. Today I took the 3rd of 4 finals, and the last of the finals is on saturday!