Saturday, November 2, 2013

october in review

We are a lot more settled here since I last posted. Dave has had a good fall at work, getting along tremendously well with his co-administrators and generally impressed with the goings on at school. Julia has had a good fall at pre-school. She's gotten interested in writing her name, and does so with moderate success. I'm starting to make more friends and so am happier. I'm also done being super fatigued and nauseated with the pregnancy, so that makes me a million times happier. I'm 16 weeks along now, and can feel a few little flutters now and then. We've had several visitors this month, my sister Grace, our friend Carol Witte and Grandma Gini, and visitors are always enjoyed, so come see us! We are gearing up to move to another house over thanksgiving, so that is good and stressful all at once. Here's the month in photos:

a sunset on the beach near our house
bedtime books with Grandma Gini
playtime with her blocks. she's building a bed for her little baby doll. 
Julia started taking a ballet class for 3 year olds. She was apprehensive until she saw what she got to wear, then she was all about ballet class. 
she's on the far right, running around before class. I don't get to see what happens in class, as I sit out with the other parents, but I think Thea is a really good teacher. Julia occasionally instructs me now in how to hold my feet or spin. 
Julia and daddy, getting a motor boat ride
Julia and her buddy Walter
one day we went to a neighboring island and happened upon a children's fair with donkey rides.  
Julia was pleased. 
swinging with daddy.
busy playing with her dinosaur. She's been asking to go to a dinosaur museum to see dinosaur bones! 
busy playing at pre-school.  
on a field trip to an apple orchard
picking apples
grinding apples
pressing apples
pumpkins, of course
and more pumpkins. 
carving with Daddy at a school fundraiser event

then getting to light the pumpkins and listen to ghost stories. Julia kept interrupting with suggestions about dragons. 
at a pre-halloween trunk-or-treat with Walter 
at Shark Reef with Carol Witte. We didn't see any sharks, but it was pretty. 

Halloween proper, with her buddy Jack who invited us to trick or treat with him.  
at the first house of the night, they each got TWO king sized candy bars!!!
After trick or treating, there was a halloween party at the church next to us. Julia's favorite activity was crawling into a room waist deep in balloons and glow sticks and crawling around trying to find candy scattered about. She was completely terrified of anyone in a mask. We thought we'd have lots of trick or treaters, but really had very few. Consequently we have a basket of candy left about the size of Julia.