Monday, October 4, 2010

October 1st

Two days ago, on sept 29th, Julia pulled herself up to a stand for the first time. I was across the room in the kitchen, and saw her pulling up to her knees, and warned her that she was going to bonk her head again if she wasn’t careful. Next thing she pulls up, stands for a second, and then wham, down on her back, bonked the head, and wailing bloody murder. She hasn’t attempted it too much since. She’s got toys and books stored on low shelves in the living room, and often crawls in to get one and gets stuck, not able to back out.

She’s got a holler of annoyance, as if to say “mom, I’m stuck AGAIN!” she’s also a pretty big fan of mealtime. I’m trying not to push food on her, knowing that giving her mostly breastmilk is best for the first year, but she is super interested in food! She likes to gum finger foods, like dry bread crusts, thick pretzels, slices of bell peppers, and also likes pureed food fed by spoon. I bought two jars of baby fruit puree thinking it might be a good plane distraction, but quickly realized that was a terrible idea due to the potential huge mess. She’s enjoying them now though, and we have a huge supply of applesauce and a baby food grinder to make our own pureed food. Right now she’s napping, despite the fact that our landlord set up a sawmill 20 feet from her crib yesterday and is sawing away at huge logs today.

The school took down the greenhouse the other day, so we have a huge pile of green tomatoes and small peppers in the kitchen. I’ve spent the morning cutting up the peppers into a salsa, and I’ve got a recipe for green tomato jam, but it calls for two lemons and I’ve only got three….These are my only lemons, until January, probably. Do I use them up now? I suppose so…

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