Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lunch Lady, cont.

Julia is in love with boxes. This one has both our middle names on it. 

Being stinking cute and getting into the laundry

My 2nd day as Lunch lady went ok. The menu was Sloppy Joes, green beans, fruit punch and peanut butter cookies. I brought over Julia's high chair and that helped keep her happy. Still no nap in the morning, but she was content to sit and smear applesauce behind her ears for a long time. The 2nd sub lined up decided getting sober was not going to happen, so Angela's husband Taylor was it, with daughter Kiley in tow. That night I was invited over to Angela and Taylor's for supper, as it was Angela's birthday. We made ice cream in one of those soccer-ball type makers, where you roll it around instead of cranking it. The two Alaskan girls in the photo are from a village nearby called Red Devil. The school there didn't have enough kids to stay open, (10 minimum) so the girls are living with Angela and Taylor for the school year. For supper,  Taylor grilled steak, both beef and moose, and I thought it was funny that when he asked the girls if they wanted to try some, he was referring to the beef, not the moose that they were happily eating. They did not want to try any. Dave was back for my final day as Lunch Lady, so he wore Julia around for part of the morning. He thought it was probably against some rule, but I thought we were probably breaking more rules and health codes by having her in the kitchen. She seemed to do fine in the classroom. The menu was chicken nuggets, corn, fruit salad, and pilot bread, which is a thick cracker.  With that meal over, my life is back to normal, and good thing, as Julia's got a cold.

A very helpful assistant, making sure that there is total applesauce coverage 2 feet in all directions
Julia, hanging out on her crib, chewing on a dog made by Great Granny

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