Monday, October 11, 2010

Lunch Lady

Well, I can add another job to my list of Things In Life I've Accomplished. School Lunch Lady. Yes indeed, I got the call that said "please please please will you fill in for three days" and couldn't really say no, because who else would do it? So this morning, Julia and I get a few diapers together, I grab my food thermometer, and we truck over to the school to prepare a fabulous menu of:
Corndogs (one per elementary kid, two per high school kid)
rosy applesauce (made rosy by the addition of red jello powder and cinnamon, 1/2 cup per kid)
green beans (from a can, 1/2 cup per kid)
and pasta salad (with mayo, spices and dehydrated onions, also 1/2 cup per kid)
inspiring, eh? I was a little nervous about how it would go having Julia in tow, but she was pretty accommodating. The only problem was that she just couldn't fall asleep in the backpack for her nap, so by 1 pm, she was quickly approaching a break down. So now we are home, and she is napping. After she wakes up we'll have to go get the mail, then head back over and get prepared for tomorrow's meal of sloppy joes.
other interesting things about the day:
Dave has gone to another village for two nights to attend some meetings with his principal and other school district honchos, so he arranged for a sub, the only sub in the village, really. Dana used to be the school secretary, but was released from duties due to a problem of not showing up. Well, today she didn't show up to sub either, so Angela, the elementary teacher, brought her kids over to the high school room and took care of everyone, and Dave used a remote desktop to tune in and teach from afar in between meetings. I guess that's just how you do it out here.

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  1. Hi Mary! I'm loving your blog. I followed some folks (who I barely knew) during a year in Africa with their new baby, and this feels very similar...except of course for geography, climate, culture, and of course KNOWING YOU! Anyway, I love to read your posts! And see your smiling faces!
    Carol Witte