Sunday, October 10, 2010


We have got ourselves a nifty little coffee maker machine. It is called the Aeropress, and it makes a wonderfully fantastic cup of coffee. You put in grounds, add water and put in the plunger. It creates a tight seal so as you gently press down air forces the water through the grounds and filter. You only add about 2 ounces of water to two scoops coffee, so what you end up with is espresso, then you add more hot water to that for normal strength coffee. The only downside to this thing is that it has made sticking to one cup a day a very difficult endeavor. They should pay me to promote this thing.

Other things we've been up to: we got invited to a birthday party for Kristyn, a young girl of three, the sister of two students in the school. I got the phone call about 6 pm, and when I inquired when, young Alfreda said "oh, about now." I guess it's pretty typical to get invited over after the party's already started. We scarfed down supper, and Alfreda came to show us which house to go to. She showed up just as we were searching the cupboards for a present. Snickers bars, a jar of applesauce or OtterPops, not yet frozen were our top three contenders.  Unfrozen OtterPops won. Alfreda showed us to the right house, and there was a full blown potluck going on. Too bad we had scarfed down dinner moments before. But we couldn't not eat and risk insulting folks. So we had dinner #2, with several tasty kinds of meat, pasta, pasta salads, green salad, orange jello with mandarin oranges, green jello with cottage cheese, frybread, hot dogs rolled in a crust, pie of several types, agutuk, which is a combination of small cranberries, crisco and fish, so I'm told. There was also both chocolate and vanilla birthday cake in the fluorescent shades of pink and blue that only come from a store. How they got that out here is beyond me. All in all, it pretty much was your standard midwest church potluck fare. Kinda funny how universal that seems to be. There was even a pinata for the kids, the kind with ribbons hanging, and one is supposed to make it fall. none of them did though, so dad came to the rescue and shook out the candy. 

As we walked home, there was a lovely sliver of sunset going on. 

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