Friday, December 23, 2011

Tree Trimming

Olaf and Loki and Julia were eager participants in the tree hunting

We got a $5 permit from the forest service and went out to cut our own.

the winner, tall and narrow with lots of room between the branches! (we've rather unusual taste in Christmas trees)

Getting it straight

Adding the star

Julia was very helpful in decorating

It was my wedding anniversary and Dave sent me roses by mail!

and I finished a dress I was sewing for Julia. A semi-invented pattern, and I was trying to make it reversible, but was foiled when it came to attaching skirt to top. Oh well. I'm pretty pleased regardless!


  1. Oh I loooove the tree. We always got the real tree growing up and that is probably my favorite family tradition. But sadly our apartment is not big enough for a real tree and we have a fake one :( Your tree makes me totally miss having a real one :)

  2. Love the dress Mary!!! Julia seemed to love adding the star. Merry Christmas, miss you both!