Friday, December 16, 2011

Ribbon rings and Snow White

While home, I came across this book from our childhood book shelf that I've never seen elsewhere.

I love the illustrations for the beauty and depth of detail, and who doesn't love the original Grimm fairy tales?

My latest toy for Julia was to take some teething rings her Grandpa Dave made for her awhile ago and to tie ribbon around them, a sort of riff on the spirit stick idea. Super easy to make!
she caught on to the idea right away.


She and Olaf have been getting thrills out of building big block castles and then knocking them down in a gloriously loud manner.
But Julia's true latest love is the Christmas lights or "nites" as she calls them.
She wants to go out and look at them about every 30 minutes. She works on both Uncle Joe and Uncle Olaf to take her out to see them and one usually gives in. I'm looking forward to getting our tree next week so she can admire indoor lights!
She's still into the wooden trains, and has enough dexterity to put the track together and to keep the trains more or less on it. It's where we spend a lot of time during our mornings at the Children's Museum.

Though she'll take a brake to run off and accessorize!

or to mail some letters.

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