Sunday, June 26, 2011

Studying in the Summer

What we've been up to in Klamath Falls:

I've survived my first week of Anatomy and Physiology, though I have to say, cells are BORING! I like the memorizing of body parts so far, but reading about the nuclear membrane and cell division and what every single microscopic speck of something does is not giving me many thrills. Being away from Julia has been somewhat easier than I thought. She doesn't cry when I leave, which is nice of her. I have class for two hours a morning on tuesday and thursday, and a 4 hour lab on wednesdays. The first lab only lasted an hour and a half, so I'm hopeful that most labs will not take the full 4 hours. This class is one of the many pre-requisites that I'll need before I can apply for a Midwifery program. I sent in my last assignments and my final for the intro to Psych class that I've been taking online. That's a good feeling. I can take developmental psych this fall through the same place, Western Washington University.
The weather has turned lovely, and we've been enjoying it. My parent's house has a yard that is fenced in, so we can leave the door open and let Julia wander in and out to her heart's content. That makes life wonderful.

Julia loves a bowl of water to splash in

wearing overalls from my baby days

thrilled with laptops

and books

the new chickies, Pippi and Poppy. Julia's thrilled with them too. 

can you see the auntie in the tree?

taking up skateboarding
 Our family friend, Daniel Lund came up from California for a couple of days. He's mechanically minded, so while he was here, he figured out how to install a used dishwasher we found on craigslist to replace our broken one. It was a $50 investment instead of paying someone $300 to fix the broken one!
fixing... note the huge pile of dishes awaiting the maiden voyage. 


My sister Grace got fed up with the green sponge painted effects going on in the kitchen, and in one day, by herself, painted it with primer and two coats of pale yellow paint. A vast improvement! Now I'm dropping hints to her about the pink bathroom. 

and then she made homemade pasta!

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  1. Dare I ask what happened to the other four chicks? I'm afraid to know...