Monday, June 6, 2011


We've been reveling in all the friends and family around here! My sister Grace came home from a year of backpacking around Europe and my sister Anna came home from graduating college. They are both hanging out in the pacific NW this summer before scattering again this fall (Anna to china with a Fulbright to study early childhood education in the rural areas, and Grace to yet undetermined probably foreign adventures)

Grace's luggage= backpack. Anna's luggage=the rest plus 6 more boxes  not pictured. 

Julia, Me, Anna, Grace, Caroline

We've also been hanging out with Bekah, Julia's Godmother and various other friends that we see far too little these days!

We bought Julia a scooter, and she is very infatuated with it. She hasn't quite figured out how to sit and scoot, but instead stands over it and shuffles along holding onto the handle bars. It's pretty cute!

We also spent a day checking out real estate, dreaming of the day we'll buy a house.

Dave and I took a trip down to Klamath Falls for a fast visit with my family. We spent the night at the Edgefield in Portland and met up with more friends.
finally some lovely weather!

Julia did quite well in the car, rather surprisingly!

Loki the dog was rather indifferent to Julia's adoration. 

Great Granny and her little furball of a dog, Sammy

Julia loves wood chips!

and Loki

and frisbees

and Legos

so in love with Legos that they beat her love of baths.
Dave walked Olaf to school
Grandpoppa Jack, Julia and Grandpa Dave
Julia's sleeping in the toddler bed that Grandpa Dave made for her

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