Monday, June 6, 2011

Rag Curl Tutorial

This is a fun activity that we've been doing ever since I can remember. It does involve a certain degree of uncomfortable sleeping, but beauty is pain!
You need some strips of fabric, preferably from some old t shirt or rag of some sort. You also need a head of damp hair and it should be evening.

The stylist separates sections of hair and wraps them around the rag strips, curling the strips up close to the head and then tying the two ends into a square knot. This is repeated all over the head. Small sections = small curls.

some of us don't need rag curls.....

The rag curled girl then goes off to bed!
In the morning the knots are untied and the curls are released in all their glory.

Yay! Definitely worth the poor sleep.

the rags. totally reusable!
Mousse or gel might be advisable if you have curl resistant hair.  I also remember mom doing something similar with bobby pins called Pin Curls. They were even less comfortable to sleep on.

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