Sunday, January 9, 2011

So Much Travel

Sleeper car comforts

Today we are back on the Amtrak, heading west again. We got on about 1 am this morning, after some train delays, and after a few more are running about 2 hours late. Olaf and Julia and I were in a sleeper car for the first night, and we will soon move to coach with mom and Caroline for the 2nd night. Julia chose today as a good day to cut her upper front teeth. She's been a little difficult to manage, but really, I'd expect worse from two teeth coming in at once. The sleeper car is a great way to travel. It is expensive, thus the one night only, but you get all your meals in the dining car and free chocolate and a wine and cheese tasting party (I won a bottle of wine for answering the question: what do you get when you have a row of bunnies, hopping backwards? A: A receding hare line) not to mention getting a flat surface to sleep on. Julia and I barely fit onto one mattress, but she's safe up against the wall and I'm used to sleeping in one position so we are rather cozy. Olaf is in the bunk above us, watching movies and doing homework for all the school he is missing. This is all so cozy that I'm rather sad to be heading back to the semi-reclining chairs of coach class, but I will be glad to be with mom and caroline again. I feel more than a little guilt that I get a bed and wine and they don't.

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