Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oregon Again

 Well, we are back at my folks place and I am glad of it. I go back and forth about if I think train travel is easier than flying. The train is much more humane about security and it is so nice to be able to walk about freely, but after two nights and two days, I am really glad to be done with it. We had to change trains in Portland, with a 4 hour layover, so we stored our carry-ons and walked around. We spent some time in Powells Bookstore, and had dinner at a noodle place before walking back to the station along the river. The final leg of the journey went fairly smoothly, but we got in about midnight, and I was pretty happy to fall into a bed on solid ground.

Noodles are one of Julia's favorite foods these days.
We got up late this morning, and barely made it to church on time. It was only the second or third time I've been to my folk's church, Klamath Lutheran, and it was nice to be there.

Julia throughly enjoyed herself at the children's sermon

Grandpoppa Jack and Julia

Uncle Olaf gives Julia a bath
The rest of the day was wiled away sorting all the baggage and doing laundry (me) and taking several short naps. (Julia) She seems to remember it here, and is pretty comfortable in her puttering around. She has learned how to deal with a small step down. I've seen her sort of sit back and scoot her feet over, then lean forward to crawl again and I've also seen her hold onto the door frame and step down. She doesn't seem to get going backwards down a lot of stairs, but it does seem that she's starting to develop awareness of edges and drops. She hasn't fallen off a bed in quite some time. No progress on the walking yet, but with two more teeth coming in and a new place to sleep every night I'm not surprised. She's a big fan of Loki, the dog. She was a big fan of every dog we met on this trip. She was a fan of the cats too, but they mostly stayed far away from her.

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