Sunday, January 30, 2011

back to the north again

We are home again in Sleetmute, and Julia has the flu. This is the first time she's gotten anything like that, so we are getting another lesson in parenting. She's still so cheerful. I'm never that happy when I'm sick. We had a wonderful last couple days in Oregon. The weather turned lovely enough to open the back door and let Julia explore the yard. Our family friend Daniel came by and Julia liked that. We had a pretty uneventful train ride up to Seattle and stayed two nights with Dave's folks. My sister Caroline came up too, so we got to have a little more time together as well. Grandpa Dave drove us to the airport on monday, and Julia did quite well on the flight to Anchorage. Two naps and no long crying jags! We got a hotel room for that night, and took taxis to the grocery store to fill a plastic tub full of dairy and produce. The following morning, we got onto a flight to Sleetmute, changing planes in Aniak. It was a longer flight since Aniak is farther west than Sleetmute, but I had a flight to use up with ERA (we booked our initial flight with ERA, then switched to a bush pilot so we could take more stuff.) But Julia did wonderfully, sleeping both flights. We arrived in one piece, and I was pretty happy to be done traveling for awhile. I've been busy re-organizing the house and washing all our clothes, and I've been working on getting my Etsy shop set up. Etsy is a website that lets small time artists and crafters sell items online. It's a great way to shop for local and handmade art. Here's the link to my storefront if you are curious

Julia and Daniel Lund

Julia and Daniel Lund and Loki

Julia loved the beautiful Oregon weather that let her play in the grass

Julia and Grandpoppa Jack, right before we said goodbye and got on the train to Seattle

Olaf and Loki, Grandpoppa Jack, Grandmomma Dawn and Julia

Grandma Gini and Julia giggling on the couch

Auntie Caroline giving Julia a bath in the sink

Me and my baby

Julia and Grandpa Dave

Home again, playing with her christmas blocks

Helping Dad make pancakes

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