Saturday, January 19, 2013

The last nunnie


Tonight was Julia's last "nunnie" or nursing session. A few months ago we weaned down to just naptime and bedtime, and for a long time that worked really well. I got fed up with it when she wanted to nurse all the time, but it served a huge function at those times, calming her down and helping sleep come easily. Facing surgery, I realized that things will be forced to change. I will be apart from her for the days I'm in the hospital and after that, I will be in too much pain to let her near to my stomach, such that nursing requires. I won't be able to take a accidental kick or nudge, not to mention all the drugs that will be circulating my body and transmitting through the milk. I decided that I'd give her two day's notice, since she can understand the idea of tomorrow, telling her yesterday that tomorrow would be the last day for nunnies. I explained why too, that mommy had an owie deep in her tummy and that I'd be going to stay with doctors for a few days while they helped it get better. I told her that Daddy and Grandpoppa Jack would be with her while I was gone, then after awhile Grandma Gini would come, and after that, Grandmomma Dawn. She observed that I'd need some bandaids to help me feel better. I reminded her often that tomorrow's nunnie would be the last one, and reminded her again today. I decided on today as the last day because I want her to have sunday and monday to adjust before I leave on tuesday. I didn't want to just leave for awhile and then tell her "sorry, no nunnies" when I came back because I think it will be hard enough for her to understand that I won't be able to help her with things for a long time. We talked a bit about if she'd be sad not to have them anymore ("yes") and what we could do instead, like rocking in the chair, singing songs, reading books, giving hugs. She seemed ok with that. I asked her what nunnies tasted like, ("Purple. And pink.") and when we were done, we said byebye and thank you to the nunnies and she got in bed and went to sleep like she always does.
rocking out with Olaf, making Grandpoppa's birthday cake
watching some saturday morning West Wing with Daddy
going for a "buffalo ride"
We got another chicken! someone around here was looking to re-home this little silkie hen since her rooster companion died. She's been living in a cage, so it's a bold new world out there for her in the coop with the others. She seemed to be adjusting ok today, and the others don't seem to be bullying her. I had to lift her from the corner of the pen where she was curled up against the chicken wire once night fell and place her up in the coop with the others. Hopefully she'll catch on quickly! Silkies have black skin and black meat, and their only feathers are the downy kind, so they can't fly. She seems friendly and let me pet her in the coop today. She's not laying yet, but she'll probably start soon. I'm super curious to see what color eggs she'll give us. 
and just in case you were curious about what a grapefruit sized tumor looks like from the outside, here I am laying down sucking my stomach in! I can't button my pants anymore and am considering digging out the maternity jeans. 

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  1. So many forced changes in these coming days. I offer you grace, strength, peace and resolve to get through them all! And also to those around you.