Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mosier house photos

I finished my classes. We said our goodbyes to Klamath Falls, packed the car and headed north. I finally got to see the house we are buying!

Our last little playgroup meetup. I'll miss the friends I made in Klamath Falls.
Julia helped my disassemble her bed. She understood when I said that we were going to take a big trip to visit Grandpa Dave and Grandma Gini. She doesn't yet understand that we are moving for good, but i think that's too big an idea to press on her at this point.
In Mosier, first we checked out the school playground and met a few of the teachers. Julia's pleased with the playground.
She was a little less sure about the school until...
she met the 3rd grade gerbil. awesome.
And finally, we headed over so I could check out the house and so we could all sign papers.
the yard from the upstairs window
looking out. in winter we'll get a river view, but the leaves take care of it pretty well in summer.
the master bedroom.
a lovely little glass insert.
one closet.
master bath
other side of kitchen
the shed in the yard
the downstairs bedroom
the back yard
the porch off the kitchen
the lilac bushes off the porch. compost bins off to the right. also in the yard: 2 cherry trees, a plum and a peach!
some hostas under the porch
around the back of the house
a sunny garden patch. behind it is a grapevine and some herbs and succulents
the shed has an awning.
two raised beds
the back of the house
inside the shed
another yard view from the porch
the living room
leading into the kitchen
looking back the other way
back in "Julia's room"
beautiful cedar? paneling on the walls
another kitchen shot
the front door
the living room
the front of the house
That's enough photos for the moment. I loved the house. loved loved loved. the owners have taken amazing care in fixing it up and it shows! They let us see some "before" photos and it's definitely come a long way! there used to be a scary porch off the master bedroom (hence the door) that the inspector said was the worst he'd seen in 30 years of work! We're happy that's gone! The house is full of lovely details, and if we get a renovating itch, there's a few areas left to fix up a bit. It'd be possible to raise the ceiling in the kitchen considerably, which would be fun to see done someday. We talked about some mostly minor things that came up on the inspection report and we've set the move-in date for Aug 1, so things are moving ahead in the house-buying world. We're now getting settled in Mount Vernon. In a few days, Dave will go to mn for his conference, then Julia and I will follow and we'll begin our epic trip back across the country. We'll drive the stuff all back here, and rent another truck to move it to Mosier in August.

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