Sunday, June 10, 2012


So last week, Dave went up to Mosier to get oriented to his job a bit, to attend some board meetings and see some events at the school. His other task was to scout out some rental places, and maybe look at a few houses for sale. Rather unexpectedly, he heard about a place in the tiny community of Mosier that wasn't quiet yet on the market. It was being prepared for sale by a former teacher who was moving to Vermont, and Dave went to check it out. He was very pleased by what he saw, and many conversations ensued. I got a tour by skype, and we agreed that we loved it. It's a 1901 house, with two bedrooms, two baths, a living room, large kitchen and unfinished basement. The house is on 1 and 1/2 lots, fenced. So the yard is good sized, with some fruit trees and raised garden beds. There's a good sized shed, lovely wood floors in the house and some nice upgrades thanks to the current owner's labor. (when they bought it, it was a typical shag-carpet disaster.) The doorways are high enough for Dave, and he fits under the shower in the master bathroom! (The seller husband is a tall man too!) The sellers were interested in trying to sell without having an agent, and so we agreed to attempt to buy it without an agent. We are in the midst of forms and inspections, and if all goes well, we'll be moving in the beginning of August. Dave got his start date moved back to August 1st, so we'll still do our Minnesota u-haul run, but spend the month of June at the Sather Grandparent's neck of the woods before heading down to Mosier. It feels really good to be purchasing there. We'll live a couple blocks from the school, so it seems like we'll be able to get along fine with one car which is a goal of ours, and it seems good and right to be living in the community that he'll be working in. We'll have to go to Hood River for groceries and most errands, but there's a pretty great paved bike trail along the river leading there! The address is 204 Idaho Street, Mosier, OR if you care to google map it and check out how close we'll be to the Columbia River! So we're hopeful that everything will go smoothly and that we won't have any regrets about going agent-free for purchasing. Dave's back down here and I'm getting ready for my finals. in just a few days I'll be done and we'll be heading up to Mount Vernon, and stopping off so I can see the house in person! Meanwhile I'm working on packing up the loose ends of life here. The house is getting inspected tomorrow, so hopefully all will go well!!


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  1. Good luck with everything! I hope it works out!