Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Taking Julia North

We left Seattle on Saturday morning, making our flight without incident. The flight was three hours long, and Julia slept for the first 45 minutes, then asked to go tee-tee. We wedged into the bathroom and I set her on the toilet. Julia promptly reached over and pulled the flush lever, causing it to flush under her. This scared her so much that she refused to go, and she spent the entire rest of the flight asking to go tee-tee then refusing to go. I took her back there about 15 times, then the final time she asked, we had been asked to sit down for landing. I told her no, she couldn't go and sat her on my lap for descent and she promptly peed all over my lap. major bummer. I had a change of clothes for her, but not for me! I changed her as we landed and she asked to go tee-tee again! I knew that there was about a 2 second window for me to run her down the aisle to the bathroom before everyone jumped up and so we did, and this time she peed in the potty! Thank goodness since I didn't pack two changes of clothes for her! I had to walk through the airport looking like I had peed my pants though. We got our rental car and burgers and went to the hotel and went and relaxed in the pool. Julia was a pretty big fan of going back and forth between the hot tub and the cold pool! We joined a couple of the other returning teachers for dinner before sleeping hard! The next morning we packed up early and drove to the grocery store to shop. We packed my backpack and another empty duffel bag into a hard-sided suitcase so we had bags to fill. We decided to just fill a cart and take our chances with the airport scales. (each bag must be under 50 lbs or you get a hefty fee to pay) We mostly stuck to produce, meat and dairy, the things that are hard to come by in a village and luck was really with us. We came out almost exactly at the right weight for both bags! We caught our 2nd flight with no problems, but Julia did the tee-tee/refuse to go thing again to the point where I stuck her in a diaper because I was nervous about a repeat incident. This flight was only an hour, so the diaper stayed dry. She refused to nap until 5 minutes before we arrived, so the morning nap was a failure. We got to Aniak just fine, and stepped out into -17 degree weather, a balmy change from last week's -50 weather! We got a ride to the home of Mike and Dolphin, friends and co-workers in the school district. They put us and two other teachers up for two nights while inservice activities went on. Julia was a huge fan of their 3 chickens who live in the attached greenhouse! she could look for eggies again! She and I have been hanging out at the house, and any minute we expect Dave to arrive and tell us that it's time to go to Chuathbaluk!

Saying bye-bye to Grandma Gini!
visiting with Great Grandma Olive
hanging out with Grandpa Dave (She finally got over being scared of him! yay!)

getting winter gear on in the anchorage airport!

She was a big fan of the snow, and definitely remembered how to eat it!
She was also a big fan of the luggage carts at the hotel!

10 30 am in Aniak and the sun is rising!


I cooked some bean soup on the wood stove and wished again that we had one in our house

Julia was not amused by the -15 wind.

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