Thursday, January 19, 2012

some house photos

the living room
the kitchen, connected to the living room
the school, a three minute walk from the house
the view of the living room from the kitchen
the other side of the living room
the view out the living room window
the view out the other window. you can see a bit of the frozen river beyond the trees
the bedroom
Julia's bed. We sent up by mail a kind of junky lightweight toddler bed but it was too low to work well up next to my side of our bed, and we couldn't figure out how to re-assemble it anyway! Instead we fashioned a platform out of totes and put the mattress on it. some blankets fill the gap to the wall and there you be! She sleeps in it maybe 1/3 of the night.

the other side of our bed has the closet bar. this very same design was featured in ReadyMade magazine as being hip and trendy. Glad we are trendy here in Alaska.
the kid
the other end of the bedroom is open shelving.
the bathroom, complete with running water!
the view on the walk to school. 

I've yet to see a view that is not stunning.


  1. What wonderful photos of your lovely home! Thank you for sharing them with us- It is so clear that there is love and beauty in every corner- A house full of love for sure-
    The nature that surrounds you is stunning!