Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving week

Olaf has been busy re-assembling his pirate ship into one that is continually bigger and better. Soon I imagine it will self-destruct from it's own weight, but so far, so good.

We've had bits and blobs of snow, but nothing that has stuck around.

I've been sewing more little dinosaur baby toys. With crinkle paper in the necks.

And I sewed another pair of baby pants. I love the t-shirt pattern.

and out of the scraps, I sewed a few baby hats. I'm learning how to do the fun stitches on my sewing machine, so my hems suddenly got a great deal nicer looking.

Julia's decided that accessories are the key to life.

For Thanksgiving, we made Grandma Wahlberg's cranberry sauce.

In her old grinder we ground up 1 lb fresh cranberries, one orange with a little bit of the peel left on and one peeled apple. Then stir in up to a cup of sugar and let it sit for a day before serving. No cooking! I love a bowl of this with whipped cream.

Since we had the grinder out, we ground up the carrots and celery and apples and onions for the stuffing. Stuffing is what I live for at Thanksgiving.

and I made apple and pumpkin pie.

Julia's into play dough

and Olaf was too, making it into Octopuses attacking the ship.

the sun was out, the weather was mild. Granny came over and we feasted.  I was a tad distracted by all the food, so no photos. 

and later that night I finished another self-designed hat. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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