Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting the Photo

I got Julia's photo taken. This is a family tradition. At home, we have all our baby photos on the wall, taken around a year and a half in black and white. I love the photos because you don't find such looks now in photos taken digitally. You can take a million and pick out the perfect smile. Back in the "old days" you got a handful of proofs to choose from and that was it. Turns out my experience was somewhat like that. I opted to go to the evil empire Walmart's photography center since I could little afford the rates of the local independent photographers who all had minimum packages (of $100!) and offered 4 hour sessions with outfit changes and scenery changes and charged $40 per print. Well I wanted one specific pose, one print and no bells and whistles and it turns out that's hard to find. So Walmart it was, and the teenage employee couldn't get her camera to work for the 5 minutes that Julia was willing to smile. Minute 6, the camera worked but Julia was done cooperating and no longer amused by the puppet or my antics. She got some shots, and I was fairly pleased with the one I chose, but man, did she miss some good smiles. We declined all the offers for photo montages and faded effects and really declined to provide the e-mail addresses of 10 friends and family that would earn us a pile of freebies, paid our $20 and got out of there. Two months later our photo was finally ready!

my older brother Christopher Sun
Me, Mary Star

Caroline Crescent
Anna Meridian
Grace Dawn
Joseph Wind

Olaf Sky

and Julia North!
Finding the chair for her to sit on was no small task either. By good luck, a few days before I was scheduled for the shoot, I stopped in an antique store and found this wicker rocker for $10. I wanted a wood chair or bench of some sort as I knew Walmart would have things like giant plastic gumball machines but nothing like a simple wooden bench. (And right I was.) I'm rather glad it's over, and there are no more family photo traditions to uphold (on my side anyway, Dave might have other ideas...)

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