Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Julia's been mastering the fine art of using her fingers to pinch up cheerios. She's pretty good at it now and spends a great deal of happy time in her high chair consuming them. She's also learned to drink water from a sippy cup, and seems to enjoy that too. she was kind of perplexed by the taste of water at first, and would gulp and gasp, but now she's pretty used to it.

The sunrise this morning was beautiful. It lit the entire west riverside and water up in frosty orange.

The sun must have been hiding above some thick clouds, because this is all I could see to the east. 

There's a fisheries specialist at the school all this week, doing fish-based projects with the kids. Yesterday they were dissecting a salmon, and we got to take home the remains, which were huge. I made a salmon pasta dish by adding cooked, deboned salmon flakes (just a baked chunk) to some jarred tomato sauce we had on hand. (augmented with some extra garlic sauteed in olive oil and finished with some fresh basil and parmesan)  It was pretty darn good. I also made soup stock out of the head and some vegetables that I'm planning on making into chowder tonight. I'm also baking more of that overnight rising bread. I've tried adding cracked wheat and wheat germ to make it a little wheatier, and that seems to be working.

Julia, meet Salmon

The kids at school were decorating red, white and blue cupcakes for the veterans day assembly which will be tomorrow morning. There are five vets in the village here, and I want to send love to my favorite vet, my dad. Happy veteran's day, Dad.

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