Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Seven Months

Oct 29
This is the first month that I've missed recognizing Julia's month birthday. She turned 7 months old on october 22nd, and I realized it 4 days later when Dave commented on the change. She's getting much more stable while standing, holding on to the chair or bookshelf, and she's learning to walk along the edge of the couch. She can even navigate over my feet to get around me when I'm sitting on it.

You can see just a sliver of tooth right above my fingernail

Last night and the night before brought several more inches of snow.

The ice is stretching farther and farther out from shore

sunrise, 9 30 am

Today the kids were carving pumpkins in school, as part of a math lesson. Along with carving, they were measuring, weighing, counting seeds, collecting data, ect. Julia had her own tiny pumpkin to gnaw.
Rashaun, Sam, Dave and Miguel taking dimensions
Chelsea, Mattie and Alfreda scooping innards to be weighed

Tatiana, Honey and Angela, carving a face

Honey, with the finished result

Happy Almost Halloween

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