Sunday, July 20, 2014

the past

it's rather hard to get caught up enough with life to blog much these days, but I've got so many great photos that here we are, with a catch up post of the months since Theo was born.
snuggled into the baby bed mom wove for Julia's baby dolls.  
snuggled with auntie caroline
a first smile
the turkeys, moving up in life to a bigger coop
auntie gracie and theo
a mother's day card, which made me cry. 
a early bath, in the sink. perhaps the first. who can remember...

fun at the beach. (they spent a good hour pulling up the newly planted dune restoration plants and re planting them in a "garden" below the tide line before anyone went to see what they were up to)
with daddy
with grandma gini 
julia n gma, mowing the lawn
checking out grandpa dave
Uncle Joe-Joe arrived! 
visiting Auntie Gracie
waiting for the ferry 
somehow i got a batch of strawberry rhubarb jam made 
our first egg!
theo and I in the garden
julia nursing her baby 
my friend Andrea and one of her boys, westly came for a wonderful week. it was incredibly busy, the last week of school, but great timing as i didn't see dave much more than 10 minutes a day and having someone around to talk to and help share childcare was so great. 
julia did 3 weeks of swim lessons
party after party ensured that theo got lots of adoration
last minute, we got a quick visit from friends Amanda, Tom, Aurora and Asher from hood river. that was so wonderful as well, but too quick! 
theo grew and grew
so did Julia (here we are, smelting)
Joe is a huge help, holding theo so i can do stuff
the turkeys grew huge, had a few weeks of free ranging that they mostly spent on the porch, pooping and staring in the windows at us. we built them a quick pen in the back yard and there they mostly stay. 
the laundry never ends
Julia proves to be a good big sister. loves the baby and is somewhat helpful and mostly trustworthy too.  
daddy gets a shofar 
more parties, and I suspect that people mostly come for theo!

bigger and somewhat uncurled 
napping on daddy
i found black currants, and made syrup and jam. lovely stuff. not sure why it isn't more popular over here in America. 
uncle john and aunt leslie come for the 4th, and we see the parade, bbq and watch fireworks. it's wonderfully small-town.
Theo loves Bill (dave's superintendent) and Bill loves Theo! 
Julia loves meat.  
Our friends Karen and Tabitha come for a quick visit. soo lovely to see them again, and we share a ferry ride as I get ready to head off island to visit my family. more photos soon to come on that topic!

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