Sunday, September 1, 2013

saying goodbye and new beginnings

Here's the end of mosier pictures: Dave is up at Lopez for all of August, and Julia and I are home in a mostly empty house waiting for our condo to open up.

a little last canning: tomato sauce and raspberry blackberry jam
some solo parenting escapes to the ice cream shop
annnnd pregnant! I told dave by messaging him the picture! So very excited!!! I think we are due April 20th if all goes well. 
some pickles and more tomato sauce
some dancing at local live music
some time with little buddies
we moved our chickens to their new home. they will be happy, but I was sad to say goodbye. 
returning the yard to its former state. 
one more wee batch of tomato sauce
and then we are off to my folks, for a week spent with my siblings putting a new roof on my parent's house.  
lots of fun with aunties and uncles!
Julia went with Auntie Gracie and Uncle Olaf to nanny for some family friends all week, so I could help roof. 
My job was mostly sitting and pulling nails, then sitting and pounding nails, with the occasional break to drive the truck to the dump. It was two days of hot dismantling the old roof and just over one day of putting new roof on. 

Then we drove back to Mosier and had our last week at home, spent hanging out with little friends
and more aunties and uncles!
we moved the party to mosier as my cousin got married in Hood River
primping, preening
and looking nice!
Julie Andrews, I mean Grace

Olaf, Christopher and Joseph
Mom is competitive at croquet!
lots of dancing!

lots of feasting
lots of photos

more feasting
and ending the night with dancing, beer and gelato! well, no beer for me, but extra gelato! 
Then most of my family left, save for my mom who cleaned and packed and cleaned some more for me until we were ready to leave. I got a hitch installed on the subaru and hauled a trailer up to Mount Vernon. Dave met me at Grandpa Dave's and we unloaded the trailer, and re-loaded the car and a van and that night got on the ferry out to Lopez island. The rest is for the next post.


  1. Wow! A collective effort from the entire family sounds sweet! Installing a new roof may not be a perfect bonding activity, but more of a productive one. I hope no one got hurt from that roofing activity that you did. Congrats for a job well done!

  2. May I ask what made your family decide to do the roofing project yourselves? It made your parent's house a lot special because the entire family took part in installing its new roof! I hope that everything went well and that everyone had a nice experience.

  3. Someone had definitely been a busy bee! I think it's great that you got to do all these things with your family, especially with the roofing. I can't believe you went up there while pregnant. Sure, you were mostly sitting down but it's still a pretty dangerous thing to do. Very happy that no accidents took place.