Saturday, September 29, 2012

Baby Suckers

I'm pretty sure I'm the only mom EVER to have a toddler start using a pacifier at age 2.5! Julia's been pointing out "baby suckers" as she calls them wherever we go, whenever we see a baby, and then asks "Julia ha one?" So one day when we were shopping, I said "sure, you can have a baby sucker." and low, right next to the baby suckers for 97 cents were baby bottles or "baby moup" for "baby milk" as she calls them, also for 97 cents and feeling generous I said "sure". Now I imagined that the baby suckers and baby moup would be administered to Julia's many baby dolls and animals. No way, Julia has been carrying them around ever since, making fake crying noises and then comforting herself with one or the other. I only put water in the bottle, so I let her take it to bed. I'm pretty curious to see if she looses interest soon or if this obsession will stick around for a couple years. We're cutting back on nursing quite a bit, and now are down to a 1st thing in the morning, a before nap and a before bed short session. I make sure not to let her fall asleep nursing anymore, and she is a pro at falling asleep on her own now. I've started EMT classes, so twice a week she's got to go to bed without me there, and so far she's been fine with Daddy putting her to bed. I explain before I go that there's going to be no "night nunny"tonight and she seems ok with that. She still wakes up at all hours and comes asking for it, but since I've been consistently saying no, she puts herself back to sleep (in my bed) with a minimum of fuss. Now I'm considering how best to get her to stay put in her bed. One factor was that she was waking up constantly with wet diapers, and I'd change her and put her back to bed. I bought a package of disposables, thinking that maybe if she didn't feel wet, she'd start staying asleep. So far, not working. While I want her to sleep all night, I also want her to stay dry at night and I can't quite decide what I should be working on first. She doesn't wake up until after she's already wet, so hmmm.... She's also had a crazy persistent rash that I'm hoping will heal better in disposables, since cloth doesn't seem to be helping at all. So far, also not working. Sigh.

Daddy volunteered and Julia and I walked/ran a 5k fundraiser run for Mosier School. It was the first race I've done since college, and I had a great time! I got second in my age group (possibly because there were only two) so I got a ribbon and I won a pie! 
Julia ran the kid 1k and got a ribbon! She was very proud despite not knowing what was happening. 
For my birthday, I got a bike trailer and bike! Julia likes riding in it, but I have to walk up anything more than the slightest incline. Very humbling!                                      
I stained the porch! a beastly job that I'm very glad is done. It looks great but the fumes were pretty awful for a bit. It really sucked up a ton of stain, so probably was a really good idea to do it now. 
moss and lichen everywhere that had to be scrubbed by hand!
We attended a college reunion for Dave at Pacific University.  Dave had a great time re-living memories and Julia had a wild time shaking pom poms with another little girl. My college 10 year is only 4 years away....
Any advice on night potty training and or getting her to stay in bed?                                              

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