Monday, August 6, 2012

Week the first.

On Tuesday we picked up the truck and began loading. about 1/4 of the way in, we got a call telling us that our "approved" loan was no longer approved, since the house was on a lot that had been zoned commercial. we had thought this was fine, that we were grandfathered in, but should the house be torn down, we couldn't rebuild it as residential. but no, turns out our loan can't be associated with commercial zoning in any way. I kept loading the truck as Dave fielded many calls from the sellers and the mortgage broker. We were in a pretty tense state, as we didn't know if this was a deal breaker or not. Ultimately we decided to work out a short term rental agreement with the sellers until we could get the property re-zoned. We're hopeful that we can get that taken care of this month, but until we do, it feels a little dangerous to relax fully.  I pity anyone who has to enter the mortgage/home-buying scene without a couple suitcases full of cash to bypass the beastly process.

the mountain of stuff in Grandpa Dave's garage
loading was rather like stacking a kiln. Everything had a little niche, you just had to find it. I liked it. 
Julia composed a few letters, then headed off to hang with Grandma Gini and her cousin Sierra. Seeing the truck being loaded made her pretty anxious, so we were pretty grateful that she could go have some fun while we worked. 
Wednesday morning we caravanned down. Dave in the truck, Julia and I in the subaru and Grandma Gini and cousin Sierra in a third car.
We took a long break at Ikea to relax and shop! We bought a couch, a kitchen island and tons of little odds and ends. Then we hopped on the light rail into Portland to go to Powell's bookstore. I got the 1975 version of Joy of Cooking, which I consider to be the best version. 
Grandma Gini and Sierra. They were worth a million for all the help they gave us with Julia. She ADORED Sierra and this made it possible for me to accomplish 90% more than if I had to care for her and manage moving.
Outside Powell's
Julia was very impressed with the light rail. 
that evening we drove a couple miles passed Mosier to Memaloose state park where we pitched a tent in incredible wind and settled down for the night. This was Gini's first time ever sleeping in a tent! Julia was so excited/strung out on change that it took her forever to settle down and go to sleep.  
the next morning we were up early! moving day!!!! 
but first some breakfast. 
and a beautiful morning on the Columbia.  
We had agreed to arrive at 10 am, so with a full two hours to kill we toured the school
and let Julia frolic at the playground, got coffee at the local coffee shop and generally killed time. 
the school has these great picnic tables, inlaid with glass tiles that the kids made.
Dave got his official keys to everything. 

Finally! 10 am arrived, and we scooted over to the house. After getting the truck backed in, we ran around the house checking things out again.  

yep, that's the potty

and surprise! tomatoes!
And then the unloading began. We emptied the truck in 3 hours. Then we looked around and had to decide what on earth to do first! Dave's priority? Getting his books on the shelves. My priority? The kitchen! Julia's priority? Nunnies! 

Sierra kept Julia occupied, Gini washed mountains of dishes numerous other details were attended to and we worked until our feet ached.  
That first night's sleep was a pretty wonderful feeling. I woke up to a minor disaster though. Ants! We left the kitchen something of a mess overnight and boy was that a bad idea. Little tiny sugar ants were EVERYWHERE! I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, bought ant bait, and now things are looking much better. Still a few here and there, but they are eating the bait and that means the colonies are getting wiped out. I've gotten a bit obsessive about keeping the kitchen clean too, since I want nothing to encourage them to stay. 
the next day we had to say goodbye to Gini and Sierra, and the next 3 days were a whirlwind of unpacking,  cleaning,  shopping, and assembling. 

And in the middle of all that, We had to find nice clothes, decent shoes, the wedding gift and the car keys and get ourselves down to Portland for a wedding! Dave's good friend Chris Burtch got married to a lovely Mia, and we had to be there to mark the occasion. It was a great wedding, on a farm in west Portland. There were even week-old baby goats frolicking on the lawn. NOTHING is cuter than two week-old goats. 

except maybe Dave teaching Julia the finer points of Croquet. 

Julia and another little girl spent the whole dinner dancing out on the stage
and there was a little pond to divert the kids
Julia was WAY into dancing. She got out there and rocked the floor. She didn't want anyone holding her hands  or picking her up. She was busy doing her own thing. In between songs she'd yell "more dansen" It was under much duress that we got her into the car and she resisted for a full 10 minutes of chatter about "dansen" before, whap, sleep took over.  Now we are back at the house, unpacking yet in the upper 90 degree heat. Pictures soon to come of the progress. 

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