Saturday, July 14, 2012

The longest month is right before moving day.

Here's a few images of the past weeks. We've spent time out on Samish Island with Grandma Gini, hung around Mt. Vernon, picked and froze lots of strawberries, raspberries and tayberries, and continued to pack and sort mountains of our things at Grandpa Dave's. My camera has randomly stopped working which has definitely impacted my photo-taking. I can use my i-pad to take photos, but the habit to grab it and take it with me isn't formed yet. It's a shame because there's been some pretty cute moments these past few weeks that I've missed capturing. 
In the house-buying world, we got the appraisal results, and they appraised it only $500 less than our buying price which makes us pretty happy. We didn't want to get a huge discrepancy in the appraisal and selling price and have to re-negotiate or whatever. Now we just have to wait for loan approval. I am so impatient for August to get here so we can finally get settled! 

Julia loves the sand out at the beach. We might get to go crabbing soon which I expect will be awesome!
she and Grandma Gini out on an adventure 
She got to be in the 4th of July parade, and was adorable. By the time the parade actually happened, she was mostly laying down, too tired to do much but raise her head every now and then to wave. But after the parade was over, she sat right down in a chair along the road and waited for more action. 
And a little snapshot of my first-ever attempt at making Norwegian Krumkaka, thin crispy cookies rolled up in a cone shape. It was surprisingly easy!

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