Monday, May 21, 2012

Playing and Packing and Blogging!

My computer is back! good as new! This is a great thing, since I had not yet figured out how to blog with photos on the ipad, I had avoided posting anything. Now, I'm back! My big news is that tomorrow, Dave comes! I'll go pick him up at a semi-local airport tomorrow night. I told Julia that he would come after she was asleep, and she said "No, Ja-da wake!" which either means she wants to be woken up when he comes or she doesn't want to go to sleep at all. We'll see how that one goes. It was a little amazing to look at the photos needing to be uploaded since the last blog entry. It has really warmed up a lot in two weeks. The garden has taken off, and our winter clothes have been packed away. I've been packing in general, getting ready for moving. We're working on getting our financial paperwork figured out for purchasing a home, but figure that we'll probably end up renting for a couple months at least while we decide what to buy and where. Dave will go up there for a week or so in early June, to get a little oriented to the job, and he'll get to check out real estate and rentals, but I've got to stay here and finish up my classes! I'm also busy working on the details of a trip to Minnesota. We're thinking we'll fly in to MN, visit friends and family, then rent a u haul, load it up with all my stored stuff, drive across Nebraska to pick up a table that my dad made, and then swing up through Klamath falls to get the stuff that is here. There's also stuff in Seattle, at Dave's folk's, so we'll need to work a visit there and moving that stuff into the big moving picture too. It will be a ton of work, but I'm so glad that we'll be finally heading into a long-term living situation. We have unopened wedding presents to re-discover! It has been really good to spend the time we have here in Klamath Falls, but I am excited for the next chapter to begin.

We've been playing with friends, here we are at the lake shore with Cruz and his mom, Annette 
Julia loves to swing, and wants to try out every one.  

My sweet husband surprised me with an I Pad! Julia has quickly learned all that it can do!
we celebrated mother's day with a picnic by the lake shore. it was a beautiful day!
Julia is a big fan of her "baby car-cart", and pushes everything from dolls to cereal around. 
We've been playing with her friend Celia too. We've started a little weekly get together with Annette and Cruz, and the kids get along pretty darn well! Julia gets very excited when I tell her that Cruz and Celia are coming to play. 
Julia's learned to work the spray nozzle on the hose, and is diligent about watering the plants. She takes special interest in the strawberries and is very excited that some green berries can be seen. We have to go look at them a lot. 
you can see our garden starting to take off. we've harvested baby lettuce and spinach and radishes already, and there's been a few little peas on the trellis vines. Nothing is better than the first homegrown salad of spring!

Julia and Olaf having fun in the tent. 

Julia is torn between her fear of engines and her desire to play with her remote control truck. As long as she doesn't  accidentally drive it towards herself, she's pretty good about the noise. 
I came across a free fish tank, and got Julia two 30 cent goldfish. She takes her job of feeding them very seriously, and so far, they have survived. We'll see if they survive moving.   
I tried a new recipe for jello-playdough, to good success. it smells lovely, though while it is cooking, everyone thinks you are baking marvelous things and tend to be disappointed to learn that it is not for eating. 
We turned the tent frame sideways to make a little house one day. Julia took her babies in and out in a basket. 
She likes the hammock. 
And is pretty pleased to be able to "watch street" (sesame street) again 
She and Olaf remain such good buddies, it makes me sad to go. She loves everyone here a lot, and I'm really grateful for the quirks of life that have led us to spend so much time here this year. 

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