Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Anticipatory Bordeom

We leave tomorrow for Aniak. We'll spend a couple days hanging out there, Julia and I will leave Aniak on Tuesday, and be in Seattle just before midnight. We'll spend about a week visiting various people before heading down to Klamath Falls. This whole week has lasted forever. It's because the contents of the house including all my little projects like knitting are packed. It's because Julia's toys are 99.9% packed and she's totally bored with the ones left. It's because I'm anxious about taking Julia away from Dave again and trying not to think about it. It's because I hate flying (despite doing it rather often) and am trying not to think about it. But it's mostly because when you anticipate a big event like moving, time crawwwwwwwls towards that event.
We've spent a lot of time over at the school this week, since being home is making me crazy. Today I helped a few of the high schoolers make pizza dough, so they could sell pizza at the movie night that is going on right now. Puss in Boots is being shown, but Julia is too antsy to sit and watch, so we're hanging out in the school instead. Tomorrow I'm going to be Mrs. Sather of the Kindergarteners again, so it will be an early morning for us.

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