Sunday, February 5, 2012


My grandmother, who I call Bestemor, passed away. It wasn't unexpected, as her heart was failing. She was 91. Julia and I are traveling to Minnesota for the funeral. We left Chuathbaluk yesterday afternoon, going to Aniak with the help of Mike. Thankfully the weather was quite warm, in the 30's, so I wasn't as anxious about frostbite as I would have been if it were cold. I still bundled her up like you would not believe and she was warm all over when we unwrapped her. Our flight this morning from Aniak to Anchorage went smoothly. Julia slept the whole way, which I was thankful for. I was a little worried about getting puked on as she's had some upset tummy problems the past few days. We've been hanging out in the airport all afternoon and evening. Our next flight leaves at 2 am, which isn't late enough for me to want to get a hotel, but isn't a real picnic with a kid. Thankfully she's been really good. Our flight goes through Phonix of all places, but we should be there by 2 pm tomorrow afternoon. 
Here's some photos of the past week that I've been meaning to post.

Dave's co-worker Linda had a birthday party
she cooked an amazing ham!
and a cheesecake! Fantastic!
Julia's still a big fan of brooms and swiffers, though she's pretty oblivious about where she's swinging it!
Potty time is still going pretty well. She has occasional accidents, but is really quite good about telling me when she has to go.
We've been having lots of tea parties, featuring cheese and crackers and juice.

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