Sunday, October 9, 2011


Julia and I have been making friends! We met Lisa and her daughter Aila at the library's story hour and hit it off. She's in town for a couple months too, while her husband does some training, so we don't feel guilty getting to know each other as we're both temporaries! Her daughter is two, so she and Julia (now 18 months) get along quite well. We took them to the town's children's museum last week, and they really loved it. 

Aila and Julia check out the cockpit of a plane

future pilots

and firewomen

we also took them to Jungle Gym

Julia was pretty into the bin of shakers

In craftyland, I turned a moth eaten merino sweater  into shorts and a hat! The tulips cover up moth holes.
The hat is just a sleeve, cut off and hemmed, and knotted at the cuff.  I made one for Aila too. 

I also made a little fabric memory game for Julia (when she gets to that point) 

Even though fall is heavy upon us, there are crocuses blooming out in the yard!

Julia having quality uncle time. 

Julia got impatient waiting for her bath and climbed in clothes, shoes, book and all. 

I took Julia and Olaf to a pumpkin patch!

Olaf's still posing but Julia has lost interest in smiling. 

Julia was quite pleased with mittens

but it only took her two minutes to master taking them off!

I sewed Julia wings!

Perhaps for halloween, or perhaps just for dress-up.

I used this tutorial


  1. Julia gets cuter every day! She looks so much older than just 1 month ago, she is so expressive! LOVE the wings and hat.

  2. Dude, that is a wicked expression on her face in the bathtub. Watch out.

  3. wow- you've been busy- Love the photos from the children's museum- I take my monkeys to our local one as often as possible-
    love the way the moth eaten sweater turned out- lovely.

    Great fabric memory game- J will love it!

  4. The hat and pants are so cute <3
    (I popped over here from Natural Suburbia)