Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Birthday and the happenings around it

I'm now 28! We celebrated with a thai dinner out, and peach upside down cake at home!
and we played the guess-how-many-m&ms game, and Julia won!
The prize is a block print from Dad. Way to be awesome, Julia.
I sewed Julia another felt crown for her dress-up stash. 
and I made tomato ketchup!
I made a sandbox for Julia. (Just a bag of sand in a metal tub) and Olaf was a big fan too. 
Mom and I decided that Julia needed a baby doll, so I went out and got her one. I was kind of surprised by how much really loves it. She calls it "Bree-Bree" and carries it around. She especially likes to go find Bree-Bree before she nurses. 
I also built/sewed a tent for Julia. I found a tutorial at Grosgrain and turns out I had the wood laying around, and a piece of fabric the perfect size laying around. The only thing I had to buy was a dowel for the top! 
I took Julia in to have a portrait taken. (This isn't it, just one I snatched during the ordeal) It's a family tradition to get the toddler's photos taken in black and white. We have a wall of 8x10s of all of us kids, and I had to carry on the tradition with Julia. She was perfectly charming for the first 3 minutes, while the photographer was having technical issues. After that, she wanted nothing to do with sitting in the chair or smiling. We managed to get one pretty good shot though, so I'm happy. 
I also made an earring and necklace holder using a vintage hanger and little hardware hooks. 
This spring I asked Grandpa Dave to make Julia some little houses out of scrap wood, and I asked Grandpoppa Jack to draw on them. They are finally done, and really neat!

and Grandmomma Dawn made a basket, perfect for carrying them!
Early this summer we created a bean trellis out of string on the front porch, hoping to block some of the traffic noise and to create a green space. It was a raging success! The beans are tall and dense and producing like mad, and the front porch is much more pleasant to sit on now. 

And we have two more chickens! I posted on freecycle asking for two laying hens to add to our small flock, and someone offered two from her huge flock. I had to go catch them, but it was surprisingly not too hard. We tossed them in to the pen yesterday and while there's been some pecks thrown, they all survived the first night in the coop together

Julia is very fond of chasing them around the yard. Joe wants to eat them.  Loki the dog doesn't want to eat them. 


  1. Loki is far too polite to kill a chicken. And by golly, I want to see the b&w portrait of Julia! Traditiooooooon!

  2. Looks like a lot of wonderful activity going on, love the wooden blocks and the tent!! Visiting from Friday Nature Table :)