Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Camping and Auntie Anna!

We got back to Klamath Falls and I was sucked under by the final weeks of my Anatomy and Physiology class. Not one to pass up adventure though, I decided that studying could be done while camping. We took a 2 night trip to Lake of the Woods, about an hour away. It was lovely! Hardly any bugs, tons of dirt for Julia to play in and a beautiful lake for swimming, canoeing and fishing. It was hard to think about studying, but one could do worse than to study beside a campfire. Julia simply adored everything about it. The tent, the dirt, the lake, the canoe, the dock, the food, the fire. She especially loved informing us every few minutes that the fire was "hottt." It got even nicer as the weekend crowd departed and things got quiet in the campground. Our dog Loki is just ideal for a camping companion. He stays close, doesn't bark, and loves biting at the waves. He was not too pleased when I tossed him off the dock though. 
Today I took my last final and now I am done with part 1! I do wish I could get the class over with in one swoop, but I need to go live with Dave and be a family again more than I need to rush through the classes. Maybe this spring I will leave Alaska a bit early and start in again. Meanwhile, I'll start thinking about taking Developmental Psychology online this fall. And then yesterday the Amtrak brought my sister Anna into town! She's here for about 10 days before leaving for a year in China as a Fulbright scholar. We celebrated her 22nd birthday today, and I made her chocolate cake. It was actually something of a frosting disaster, as it crumbled and cracked at the slightest touch, but flowers from the garden disguised the caving wall fairly well. We brought my Granny in for the party, and Julia finally warmed up to her enough to sit on her lap. We're concerned about Granny as she's on blood pressure medication that has been giving her dizzy spells that are getting worse. She still lives alone, next door to my aunt and uncle, and does too much, quilting constantly, caring for her small dog and maintaining a huge garden. It is worrysome, but she's pretty fiercely independent.

for Anna's birthday gift I designed a small travel earring case. it hangs on the wall, and rolls up when it is time to go. The earring hanging part is linen, with a looser weave to make hooking the earrings in easier. There's a little pocket in the bottom for necklaces and rings. 

Dear Subaru, Your car makes a delightful clothesline.
(no time to dry the diapers before camping)

Julia loved the tent!

and the water!

The hook-on high chair has been an incredibly useful piece of baby furniture. 

Julia adored the dirt. I'm thinking she might need a sandbox. 

on a stump with Olaf and Loki

completely filthy!

she loved running up and down the dock too.  

and she loved the canoe, though I don't have any pictures of her in it. She would sit up front in between my knees and I could paddle around her. She would reach for the water though her life jacket made it hard to reach. 

Just like Olaf.


Auntie Anna!

Great Granny!

M & Ms!

and even some cuddle time. 

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  1. The dirty Julia photos are hilarious! Love it!