Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last days in Sleetmute

We've been packing! Yesterday we hauled 500 lbs of boxes down to the post office. Our house is pretty empty. We leave here on Thursday, so 4 days to go. I've packed the baking supplies, so we are reduced to mostly eating from cans and cooking pasta. Julia loves noodles so she's totally fine with that. She and Dave blissfully eat Ramen together while I look on in mild disgust.

Julia helping to haul boxes to the post office.

11:40 pm. Light enough to read a book outside. 

Julia loves to sit next to me on the porch.
A couple nights ago the school went camping out at Blueberry Hill, a bluff that has been dug away for gravel. There's a couple pieces of broken machinery that the kids had a great time playing on. Julia and I declined the opportunity to sleep outside, but we did join them for supper. The kids all seemed to have a good time, even if it was pretty cold during the night!

Julia's new favorite toy is the swiffer sweeper mop. She got her hands on it one day while I was cleaning and hasn't let it go since. I took off half of the handle after several near misses to my laptop. She has a great time pushing it around. 
her shirt should say "cleaning makes me happy"

It was the first thing she picked up this morning.
She brought it to me and wanted to sit in my lap.
Then she wanted to nurse.  
"No mop while you nurse" said I while trying to remove it.  She burst into tears. 

"No mop while you nurse" I maintained. She flung herself onto the floor and screamed for 10 minutes straight. 

In a lovely example of bad parenting, I gave in and cuddled my baby and a dust mop while she nursed.
Not a high point in my career as a mother. 


  1. Oh, Mary, that's hilarious!!! I love it! Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Where are you shipping them to, and what are your summer plans?

  3. We're shipping stuff to Chuathbaluk, a village some 50 miles away where we'll be next winter. For the summer, we'll be in washington at my in law's place for a month, then I'll head down to klamath falls or and dave will leave for a trip to Greece.