Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The river has finally frozen over, but I'm not brave enough to go out on it. You can see snowmachine tracks across, but a fast-moving snowmachine can get across some pretty thin ice. It has been pretty nippy around here though, so I imagine it won't be long until the ice is four feet thick.

 On Monday, the kids went out on skis to go get a tree for the school. Blaze and Royal, Angela's dogs were excellent sled dogs, pulling the tree back. Everyone was in high spirits. Getting such a huge tree in through the door was quite the event too! Tuesday we spent the afternoon making decorations. I got each kid a plain glass bulb and they swirled paint around inside to make lovely ornaments. Construction paper, paint and glitter covered everything and everyone.

We are fast approaching the longest night of the year.  This is the last full week of school before Christmas break. The school's christmas assembly for the community is on Monday, and then we are off on our trip south! We're going to Dave's folks first, then to my folks, then Dave heads back up here and I go on to Minnesota for a week with my mom, my brother Olaf and Julia. Then I'll do some more visiting of friends and relations through most of January before heading back up north.

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